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Solar Power 101: The Beginner’s Guide

solar power beginner's guide

We all know that the sun can be used as an energy source, but do you know how and why we should use it?

After reading this solar power beginner’s guide, you will know more about solar panels than most Australians. Whether you’re curious about how solar panels work, or you’re considering installing a solar power system in your home or business, this guide will help you understand solar energy and its many benefits.

How does it work?

Through a process of photovoltaic effect, solar panels can capture and convert solar energy from the sun’s rays into electricity that can power our appliances. And if you want to generate enough electricity to power your home or business, you will need a solar power system.

So, what are the major components of a solar energy system? A solar power system comprises of three major components: solar panels to capture energy from the sun’s rays; an inverter that converts said energy into electricity; and racking, which is a mount for your solar power system. Suppose you plan on using solar power systems off the grid. In that case, you’ll need additional components such as a battery to store the generated solar energy and a charge controller to control the rate at which batteries charge from solar.

Why we should use solar panels?

There are many great reasons to use solar power over other sources of power. As sunlight is an infinite resource, solar power systems can harvest and generate energy without depleting the source, making this renewable energy source exceptionally environmentally friendly. When you use solar power instead of traditional power sources, you considerably reduce carbon emissions that are produced. The harvested energy is then converted into electricity, which is then used to power your home in place of the electricity you pay your utility company each month, lowering your electricity bills significantly. And if you’re living off the grid, solar powers are perfect for generating energy for you, as it may be too expensive or impossible to connect the power lines to your home. Not only is solar energy good for the environment, but it also makes financial sense! How great is that?
If you are considering switching to solar power, it is important to know the top 5 factors you should consider beforehand

At Solar Depot, we offer a range of solar power systems that are designed to last a long time and perform well. We believe that solar power is the future of energy, and we’re committed to helping you make the transition. We also offer a Maximum Performance Agreement (MPA) that allows us to monitor and maintain your system for a fixed annual fee. With our real-time monitoring system, we can quickly detect any decrease in system output and respond promptly to restore your system to full performance.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us to learn more about solar systems and how they can help you save money while also helping the environment, email us anytime at!

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