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Five Things To Consider Before Going Solar

Five Factors To Consider Before Going Solar

Why is solar power so popular across Australian households and businesses?

For great reasons of course! Solar power is simply the cheapest electricity on the market. You can expect to generate your own solar power for 60-75% less than what you pay through the meter. And of course, solar power is also the most environmentally friendly electricity as well. If you’re considering going solar, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. Here are five factors to consider before making the switch:

1) Which directions should solar panels face?

Every roof and every electricity consumption profile are different. It is critically important that the design of your solar power system makes the best use of your roof in terms of shading and the time of day of production to match how you use energy. For instance, if you are at work all day and use most of your power in the morning and evening, facing panels east and west might be your best solution or adding a battery, so the energy is there when you want it.

2) Do your homework

Before installing solar panels and getting your house solar-ready, make sure you research other options. Some companies cut corners to reduce costs, so it’s essential that you compare prices, products, warranties and industry experience before signing up with a provider. If you are paying less for your solar system, you are probably getting poor-quality equipment and installation. You can use our free solar calculator which will help you plan your solar experience.

3) Warranties

Most high-quality solar panels come with a 25-year warranty and inverters, 10 years. Any solar power system offering less warranty probably won’t last a long time. So, compare warranties of different brands and look for providers with enough experience to cover the warranty in case of failure. At Solar Depot, we’ve been helping households switch to clean, renewable solar energy and become energy independent for over 20 years.

4) Solar Government Grants

Subsidies from governments can help you install a reliable and efficient solar power system without worrying too much about costs. For example, the State Governments are offering assistance for installing batteries on solar systems as cash grants or interest-free finance. The Sustainable Technology Credits (STCs) associated with solar panels still help with around 25-30% of the cost of installing solar. Subsidies and rebates make it easier and more affordable for households to install reliable solar power systems and become energy sufficient. 

Contact us to find out more about the South Australian Home Battery Scheme and Empowering Homes Program NSW.

5) Maintenance

Looking after your solar panels goes a long way in increasing their life and getting more energy on a nice sunny day. Therefore, it is crucial that your solar panel system is functioning properly especially if you have invested significantly in solar for your business. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your solar power system will dramatically increase efficiency and extend the life of your system. We offer several cleaning and maintenance packages to choose from based on your requirements.

Solar Depot, from our bases in Coffs Harbour and Adelaide, has been helping households and businesses become energy-independent across Australia. If you would like to install a solar power system at your home or business, drop us a mail today at

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