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About The Company

Who We Are

Our team of around 30 staff includes system designers, electricians, engineers, project managers and dedicated client service officers to ensure that you receive the best possible service and advice. The strength of our systems comes from the combined strength of this team, with knowledge shared across the organisation to ensure the best solutions can be found. For larger projects we outsource key requirements such as civil or structural engineering to get access to the best possible guidance and advice, allowing us to focus on what we do best.

To make sure each installation is up to the highest standard, every Solar Depot project is assigned a project lead from our team. This person is chosen from our range of experienced staff members to see your project through from start to finish. Your project lead remains responsible for providing you with the highest level of service before, during and after installation, while working with our team of experienced on-staff installers and electricians. We are proud to employ local installers, it gives us an advantage when it comes to our service during the installation and for the life of the system.

Our Values

Led by our founder and director, Troy, these values guide everything we do.

Openness By Default
We don’t do secrets. We tell each other why. We explain why to our customers and suppliers. Our default condition is yes, unless there is a compelling reason why not.

Knowledge Is Power
We trade in knowledge. Know your work and be proud of that. Learn the skills you need to do your job. Make learning a daily activity. Ask questions. When you’ve mastered your current activity, start thinking about what you need to know to progress.

Back The Team
We are all on the same side. We share the mistakes and triumphs. We own each other’s errors and help to fix them. We celebrate the wins. We treat each other as we’d like to be treated.

Back The Customer
The customer is just an extended part of the team. They are on the journey with us and have a special place as a sponsor who trusts us with their money and project. Without them we have nothing.

Take Responsibility
If something isn’t working properly, we know that the only way to fix it is to be accountable. We have the resources in our team to offer the right support, and prioritise this type of communication. It’s what allows us to be confident that we are offering the same level of service we would to a family member.

Our Team

A strong and diverse team, many of whom have been on board for more than a decade has helped grow Solar Depot into a trusted, local, community based company, known for their expertise and customer service.