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Commercial Solar Panels

Solar Depot has success stories working with Small to Medium Enterprises, Retail and Service Industries, Government contracts, Aged Care and Retirement Living, as well as Home and Small Businesses.

We have worked with business owners and operators to ensure we can deliver an energy solution without causing interruptions to services or trading, and can accommodate the various needs of different businesses, big or small.

Solar Depot’s expertise is evident from the start of the process, we have the licenses and accreditations needed for large scale Government tenders, and the flexibility, experience and attention to detail that matters to everyone, including the small business owner working from home.

Solar Depot is proud to have extensive experience working in specialised sectors, such as Aged Care and Retirement Living. We installed the first Solar System on an aged care facility in South Australia, and continue to be the preferred Solar provider for multiple Aged Care and Retirement Living providers.

Solar Depot is also the preferred Solar provider for multiple Service Station outlets, Local Council infrastructure and education facilities in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Solar financing allows businesses to pay as they save, and in some cases be in front from day one. This works because having a Solar System at your business reduces your reliance on your Energy Retailer by giving you energy when you need it, free from the sun.

Solar generation is a tried and true method of boosting your bottom line, generating a real return by decreasing your energy bills, and, in some cases, creating a profit by selling energy to the Grid.

With offices in multiple states, a key interest in customer service and a Maintenance Plan offering, Solar Depot are here when you need us, throughout the life of your system.

Can Solar Depot help with your solar power ?

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These days, solar panels are the cheapest electricity available. If you have a roof (or land) and a power bill then you can be minimizing your energy expenditure with solar.

Solar panels are the key to your Government Rebate, so making sure you choose the right panels is a big step in your new solar system. Solar Depot has access to panels from different manufacturers, including panels made here in Australia, and have chosen these panels based on the reputation of the manufacturers, and the panels ability to stay on the approved list.

What size system you buy, where you put it and how you pay for it are the things we help you with. Getting these things right is the difference between people like us with the experience in the industry. That’s what we mean by the right energy.

Height Safety

Height Safety Depot was established due to customers from our parent company; Solar Depot increasingly asking for height safety products during their solar installation. Solar Depot and Height Safety Depot are family-owned and proudly Australian. Our solar clients were so happy with our solar service, they requested we take care of their roof safety needs too. Our family heritage and reputation in the solar industry are important to us, with customer service always being our main focus.

Height Safety Depot is a national company with offices in Lonsdale, South Australia in 2003 and Coffs Harbor NSW.


Regular cleaning and maintenance of your solar system will dramatically increase efficiency and extend the life of your system. Your agreement allowing your panels to be connected to the grid requires them to be regularly maintained to ensure correct function and safety. Did you know that having your solar panels professionally cleaned and checked can increase efficiency by as much as 20%? We recommend cleaning and servicing panels every 12 months.

Solar Depot provides cleaning and service packages for residential, commercial and industrial premises to meet industry requirements and keep your system performing at it’s best.

Solar Depot’s professional cleaning service dramatically improves the efficiency of your solar installation. For example, baked on bird and bat droppings are a consistent reason why owners are not getting the return they expected. Our Premium package includes the service of a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited electrician while our Essential Package is more suited to premises requiring a clean only.

Solar Depot also offers a Maintenance Plan, allowing us to create a custom plan for your solar system’s maintenance and upkeep. This is the best way to keep your solar system running at it’s most efficient.

Battery Storage

Coupling your solar panels with a battery is a great way to make sure you can make the most of the energy your solar panels produce. Saving the energy for later in the day when electricity is more expensive and the sun has gone down can have more impact on your bill than just installing solar panels, and is one of the reasons that batteries are more affordable now than ever. The four key benefits of batteries are:

• Solar Feed-in Tariffs are reducing while power prices are rising. You aren’t forced to sell the power at a loss for 6-8c to your electricity supplier. You can use your own solar power rather than selling it to the Grid, offsetting the purchase of energy from your retailer.
• You become largely energy independent as it’s usually possible to design the system to run your house all night on batteries.
• You have stored power to run your house during a blackout.
• Virtual Power Plants and other technology let you trade your power into the peak demand market dramatically improving the value of your battery system – we can assist on that front as well.

EV Charging

Coupling your EV Charger to your Solar System is a great way to make sure that your electric car is not dipping back into fossil fuels to get from A to B. We work with leading system brands to make sure that your EV Charger is compatible with your system, and is programmed to optimise charging of your vehicle, making sure it’s charged when you need it, and the energy comes from the cheapest, and most renewable source possible.

As the new electric vehicle market finds it’s way into our garages, make sure you’re making the most of what it can offer you.

Solar Pumping

Not just energy for your building, Solar can now be used remotely where it is hard to get energy to power devices that will keep you going.

Solar Pumping is a great way to move water from where it is to where you need it quickly and efficiently, not to mention for free from the sun.

Whether you are remote, or are running water pumps on acreages or hobby farms, a Solar Pumping Solution is sure to help move water and manage the bottom line.

Solar Upgrade

Every year the Solar industry is flooded with new technology and innovations, which could make a difference in your bill.

Integrating your Solar System with your hot water, for example, is something that was done ad hoc in the past, however, now there are devices that will allow your Solar System to make intelligent decisions about when to use energy free from the sun to heat your water.

Devices like these are a great way to get a little bit more out of your Solar System and give us the ability to offer a variety of practical energy solutions for your home or business.