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Residential Solar Systems

Recent rises in electricity pricing have led to eye-watering increases in power bills. Solar is the only way to reduce the costs of power for your home or small business and decrease your reliance on fossil fuels. By choosing Solar, you not only reduce your energy bills, but also contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change. It’s a win-win.

At Solar Depot, we have been helping households, small businesses, and other power users to save on electricity bills for 20 years. We employ accredited electricians and trained installers to design and install the right Solar System for your energy usage needs, creating an opportunity for you to be energy independent. 

Because solar saves you money from day one, financing is often a good option. You can probably pay for your system with the savings and still have change. “Green Loans,” provide very competitive interest rates and are easy to qualify for.

Smaller feed-in tariffs and higher power charges mean that batteries are now also an excellent option. They also are the solution to total independence from the grid

With the current energy climate, and the need to increase energy independence, Solar Depot is perfectly positioned to help you make the most of the benefits that a Solar System can offer you. Trust our experts with 20 years of experience to guide you through the process and help you achieve energy efficiency and independence.

Can Solar Depot help with your solar power ?

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These days, solar panels are the cheapest way for you to make electricity. If you have a roof (or land) and a power bill then you can be minimizing your energy expenditure with solar.

Solar panels are the key to your Government Rebate, so making sure you choose the right panels is a big step in your new solar system. Solar Depot has access to panels from different manufacturers, including panels made here in Australia, and have chosen these panels based on the reputation of the manufacturers, and the panels ability to stay on the approved list.

What size system you buy, where you put it and how you pay for it are the things we help you with. Getting these things right is the difference between people like us with the experience in the industry. That’s what we mean by the right energy.

Battery Storage

Coupling your solar panels with a battery is a great way to make sure you can make the most of the energy your solar panels produce. Saving the energy for later in the day when electricity is more expensive and the sun has gone down can have more impact on your bill than just installing solar panels, and is one of the reasons that batteries are more affordable now than ever. The four key benefits of batteries are:

• Solar Feed-in Tariffs are reducing while power prices are rising. You aren’t forced to sell the power at a loss for 6-8c to your electricity supplier. You can use your own solar power rather than selling it to the Grid, offsetting the purchase of energy from your retailer.
• You become largely energy independent as it’s usually possible to design the system to run your house all night on batteries.
• You have stored power to run your house during a blackout.
• Virtual Power Plants and other technology let you trade your power into the peak demand market dramatically improving the value of your battery system – we can assist on that front as well.


Off-Grid systems or Stand-alone Power Systems (SPSs) are the oldest part of this industry, and the most complex. They have always been a big part of Solar Depot’s work.

We have highly skilled designers and installers of SPSs. If you are living or planning to live away from the grid then, Solar Depot can design and build a first-class SPS for your needs with the very best equipment and knowledge.

“I lived off the grid for 17 years, and built my first customer’s SPS in 1991. I feel confident in saying that this is an area that only a few companies can carry out well, and none as well as us” -Troy Ryan | Director – Solar Depot

EV Charging

Coupling your EV Charger with your Solar System is a great way to make sure that your electric car is not dipping back into fossil fuels to get from A to B. We work with leading system brands to make sure that your EV Charger is compatible with your system, and is programmed to optimise the charging of your vehicle, making sure it’s charged when you need it, and the energy comes from the cheapest, and most renewable source possible.

As the new electric vehicle market finds its way into our garages, make sure you’re making the most of what it can offer you.


Regular cleaning and maintenance of your solar system will dramatically increase efficiency and extend the life of your system. Did you know that having your solar panels professionally cleaned and checked can increase efficiency by as much as 20%? We recommend cleaning and servicing panels every 12 months.

Solar Depot provides cleaning and service packages for residential, commercial and industrial premises to meet industry requirements and keep your system performing at it’s best.

Solar Depot’s professional cleaning service dramatically improves the efficiency of your solar installation. For example, baked on bird and bat droppings are a consistent reason why owners are not getting the return they expected. Our Premium package includes the service of a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited electrician while our Essential Package is more suited to premises requiring a clean only.

Solar Depot also offers a Maintenance Plan, allowing us to create a custom plan for your solar system’s maintenance and upkeep. This is the best way to keep your solar system running at it’s most efficient.