Solar Depot specialises in the service and maintenance of any solar system including those installed by other companies - We have our own in-house electricians, plumbers and installers to cater for service and repair on commercial, residential and solar power and hot water systems. All of these services are offered state wide. 

You don't need to have a problem with your system to use our services. We have a comprehensive panel inspection service that is extremely thorough and well priced. 

Please contact us so we may solve your service problem as swiftly as possible.

Panel Cleaning

Solar Depot can offer you panel cleaning to get rid of the dirt, leaves and debris that may have built up in the summer and autumn months. This build up can potentially inhibit energy collection, however a cleaning service will ensure your panels are working to their full potential.

Solar Depot can also check other parts of the system to ensure they are working correctly and you will reap the greatest benefit as our sunlight hours increase from this point on during the year.