Grid-Connect Solar

Connect to a higher power

Our expert team can design and install a quality Grid-Connect Solar system to either reduce your power bills, eliminate them completely or even generate surplus power.

We will walk you through from start to finish - including SAPN meter approvals that we will organise for you. Unlike some other companies in the industry, we don't merely just sell a system and then sub-contract it out to a third party.

Our philosophy embraces a thorough approach to your project, from the day we meet you to well beyond the day your system is installed.

Futhermore, Solar Depot have financial solutions available to help make your solar system a reality. 


Energy Storage Solutions

Regardless of whether you have an existing solar system (retro fit) or require a new system, the myGrid Energy Centre can be easily integrated to give you the opportunity to immediately take control of your energy including storage and feed in control.


Stand-Alone Power

Stand on your own square feet

With over 20 years experience in the design, construction and maintenance of high-performance off-grid power systems, Solar Depot is the undisputed leader in this highly specialised field.

We can create Stand-Alone systems to meet any need and fit any existing structure. But for the ultimate Stand-Alone Power solution, we've created the Mini Standalone Power Systems and Solar Cube products.


Solar Hot Water

Soak in the sunshine and SAVE with a solar water heater.

Solar hot water systems are highly efficient water heaters that use the sun's unlimited and FREE energy to pre-heat your water. They can provide up to 90% of your hot water heating needs and will therefore slash your water heating costs and the consumption of greenhouse gas-producing fossil fuels.

Solar Depot has two Solar Hot Water partners, Chromagen and Solar Ark. We have the ability to tailor a system design to suit your application with the highest efficiency.

Solar Pumps

Pump It Up!!!

Solar Depot's Solar Pumping systems have been developed to solve water supply problems in remote locations, such as:

  • Stock watering
  • Remote community water supply
  • Conservation areas and National Parks
  • Isolated camping grounds
  • Pumping from bores, wells, and dams
  • Floating pump installations

Service and Maintenance

At Solar Depot we stand  behind our systems 100% and will always be there when you need us. We have electricians, plumbers and builders on-staff who can inspect, maintain and repair any aspect of our various systems or systems installed by other companies.



Key Benefits

  • 20 years of Quality Solar Industry Experience
  • S.A Owned and Operated with numerous Regional Branches
  • Up to 10 Year warranty on systems
  • Up to 10 Year warranty on workmanship
  • All manufacturers' warranties are
    honoured to the letter
  • Battery Backup options available