Grid hybrid systems

If you’re after solar panels and a storage system, a grid hybrid might be just what you’re looking for. A grid hybrid solution not only gives you the convenience of grid-connected solar system with the ability to earn feed-in tariff credits, you also have the added peace of mind of a battery backup. 

Here are some grid hybrid products we recommend:


Selectronic MyGrid Energy Centre

The inverter in this Melbourne-built product is considered among the best in the world. This is a great selling point when you consider the role of an inverter is to convert the DC electricity from your solar panels into your AC mains power. Its unique inverter configuration means no other approved product comes close to matching MyGrid Energy Centre for features and capability. 

What we love about the Selectronic MyGrid Energy Centre:

  • Control all aspects of energy production, storage, consumption and purchase.
  • Indestructibility – its 10-year warranty is almost irrelevant – the inverter has the best track record for reliability and long-term service.
  • Security of supply - When the grid goes down, you can rely on these inverters to keep up with your loads; they have some serious grunt. 
  • Battery agnostic - We can use any of our favourite batteries depending on your preference and capacity needs.

Find out more about the features and benefits of Selectronic Inverters


Goodwe Hybrid inverters

Goodwe is a well-priced, reliable industry innovator from China who has developed a quality product at a good price. This Hybrid inverter is the ultimate retrofit product for any existing solar system.

Here are some of the advantages of Goodwe hybrid inverters:

  • Cheaper – because this is a rethink of how to integrate the technology, not because corners have been cut
  • Some black-out protection (islanding)
  • Compatible with new solar Grid Hybrid systems, so you don’t have to buy a second inverter.

Learn more about Goodwe hybrid inverters.


Solax Hybrid Inverters

Solax X-Hybrid Self-use Energy Storage System converts DC electricity generated by solar panels to AC electricity for grid and load to DC for the battery. 

The electricity will be provided for load first, and the excess electricity will be stored in the battery, after the battery is fully charged, the electricity will be fed into the grid. If the power goes out, the inverter will activate the Emergency Power Supply (EPS) to ensure the energy from the panels and batteries can be used to power the home.

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