Storing your solar-generated energy into batteries means you can save your energy for a rainy day. There are a range of battery options to suit any household need and budget:

  • RedFlow zCell
    zCell is the latest revolution in that it is the only battery that will deliver 100% of its energy every day without any ill effect. The world’s most environmentally friendly battery is also the smallest flow battery and is designed right here in Australia. It is also the only battery on the market with a warranty covering total energy delivered, rather than just years of service, so it also represents best value in terms of lifecycle costs.

    Solar Depot is one of a handful of industry leaders accredited to supply and install zCell batteries.

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  • GCL Lithium Batteries
    GCL is the largest manufacturer of solar cells on the planet and works with some of the best and biggest names in the industry. Their battery looks great, comes in varying size and colour options and is compatible with numerous inverters within your solar system.

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  • FCP Lead Carbon batteries
    These are manufactured by Japanese research and development company Furukawa in conjunction with the CSIRO, and represent the best value for money battery option on the market.

    These batteries have the performance of newer technologies like lithium without the integration issues. Plus, they are among the greenest product on the market, with 98% of the battery able to be recycled.

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