A brighter way to live, a smarter place to buy

In our books, powering your home or property with renewable energy is simply a brighter way to live. It's more economical, it's sustainable and it doesn't harm the environment.

And we're confident that, for South Australia, there's no better supplier of renewable energy systems than Solar Depot.

Why? Because we:

  • Use only robust, high-quality technology that can cope with our harsh extremes of climate.
  • Have experienced in-house, electricians, plumbers and builders - so our installations and custom-built frames are second-to-none.
  • Help customers identify ways to reduce their power use so that the system they need is as cost-effective as possible.
  • Use our renewable energy systems ourselves, so we speak from experience, not just a sales brochure.

We do great work. We care about it. And it would be our privilege to do it for you.


Our Founder's History

I got my start in renewable energy in 1991 as a young sparky, servicing wind turbines in SA's far north. Then in 1994 I diversified, installing remote solar systems for farmers. The solar bug bit and in 1999 I launched Solarshop.

It boomed. But although national growth was satisfying, I craved returning to hands-on work in my local "patch". So in early 2003 I sold up and launched Adelaide Hills Solar.

Word spread, and we soon had likeminded techies wanting to adopt our model in their patches of regional SA. It sounded good to me, so in 2006 we changed names to the non-location-specific "Solar Depot" and haven't looked back.

Admittedly I'm not as fresh-faced as when I first shimmied up those turbines. But I'm every bit as committed to renewable energy, and I have a team at my side of whom I'm very proud.

Troy Ryan


Meet, Understand, Advise

The only way to find out exactly what solar power system is right for your specific needs and location is to have a GENUINE expert in renewable energy visit you and your site.

And when that expert comes from Solar Depot, you can be sure he or she will consider each and every influencing factor before providing you with their recommendation, including:

  • Local annual sun paths and any immovable sources of shade.
  • Your current and future power usage
  • Budget
  • Warranty and Product Information
  • The aspect and construction of your roofing.
  • Your existing electrical set-up and/or plumbing.

Following the inspection our consultant will advise and quote the most suitable type, size, location and form of installation for your system - whether it be Solar Hot Water, Grid-Connect, Stand-Alone or Solar Farm.

Call 1300 766 771 to book your obligation-free inspection.